Montblanc’s Patron of Art Edition is a fitting tribute to Scipione Borghese

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Every year as part of its endeavor to recognize and promote the contribution of selected art patrons in the world, Montblanc presents them with the prestigious De la Culture Arts Patronage Award. Along with it, a unique Limited Edition writing instrument inspired by the great custodians of yesteryears is also commissioned to them in their honor. This year the iconic pen manufacturer pays tribute to one of the greatest Roman collectors of Art from the 17th century- Scipione Borghese.

The 2017 Patron of Art edition draws inspiration from the legend’s great love for baroque art and his original legacy that lives on even today. Most of Scpione’s collections are displayed at the Villa Borghese in Rome as of today, which in itself is a divine monument of Roman heritage and art. Mesmerizing embossments on the cap and cone of the Patron of Art special edition 4810 fountain pen take inspiration from a Borghese Vase, wherein the top shape of the cap crowned with Montlblanc’s signature black and white and a precious resin is reminiscent of the cardinal’s hat, with the cone being motivated by the ancient coins featuring the cardinal’s face. Further, the Au 750 solid gold ruthenium-coated nib of the pen is enriched with an engraving of the Borghese family coat of arms.

On equivalent lines, the Scipione Borghese Limited Edition 888 recalls the artistry of the lavish Borghese Gallery, whereas the Borghese Limited Edition 89 plays a fitting example of the work that could be seen on a cabinet of curiosities. It’s Au 750 gold barrel is inlaid with lapis lazuli, mammoth ivory, paua shell and fossilized dinosaur bone, much like its muse. Lastly, the Borghese Limited Edition 3 comes with features such as an amber inlay, a skeletonized barrel, an intense red garnet at the base of the cone and a diamond encrusted cap top with a branch like clip, all reminiscent of the precious Baroque culture.

To compliment this elaborate collection, Montblanc has also created two unique pairs of limited edition cufflinks – one displaying a red gold and amber design with an onyx pearl and the other showcasing ancient silver coins framed in a red gold frame. For those fancying a purchase, the Montblanc Patron of Art Edition – Homage to Scipione Borghese is available in Montblanc boutiques worldwide

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Montblanc Âme De Star Collection

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montblanc_ame-de-star-jewellery1Consider this your exclusive sneak peek. Due to be launched in May 2013, Montblanc will be releasing a new ladies collection that’s made up of 16 different pieces of jewellery. Simply known as the Montblanc Âme De Star collection, which translated means ‘soul of a star’, the pieces play on angular facets and the sensual curves of Montblanc’s star emblem (which can be viewed on almost every piece from the side), each piece modern and contemporary, yet still sensual and elegant.

montblanc_ame-de-star-jewellery2Comprised mainly of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver, some also feature more elaborate finishes like lustrous black lacquer (shown above) and sparkling diamanté, if only to up the ante a little more and making these pieces even more desirable.

Prices will start from around SGD200 and up, making them very affordable as well, which is always a good thing. And closer to the launch date there will be another post (or two) on the full collection, so do stay tuned for more updates.

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Montblanc Star Chronograph Automatic

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montblanc_star-chronograph-automaticSome people buy timepieces because of their perceived resale value, others are fanatic about limited edition collectibles that come with all the prerequisite bells and whistles. Then there are those who are extremely particular about technical components and those who buy brand name ones solely to name-drop.

As for me, I’m very driven by aesthetics, and then price, which is also why I’m pretty enamoured with the Montblanc Star Chronograph Automatic (SGD5200) at the moment. Having spotted it on the wrist of an SA who served me at the boutique, he promptly whipped one out from the showcase for me to have a look at.

Measuring 39 mm across, it’s a chunky little number, with its width coming in at around 13.95 mm. More importantly, I love how the month and date is displayed, framed into a ‘box’ that’s pretty much how a retro clock would look that’s slightly awkward yet cool all at once. Cast in stainless steel and finished with a luxurious alligator strap, it would look very smart peeking out from under your shirt cuff, or on weekends stacked with all manner of wrist candy, which is how I personally like to style my watches.

But because I’m more of a 42 mm kind of a guy (I like my watches wide and chunky), this was a pass for me, but it will do well for guys who prefer a regular-sized timepiece, or ladies who like their watches chunky and manly.

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Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase

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montblanc_meisterstück-selection-double-gusset-briefcaseI’ve always been a fan of a smart leather briefcase, the type busy professionals will carry from point to point that’s probably filled with all manner of important work documents and contracts that they’ll need in their daily work life. And even though I own a couple of classic briefcases myself, I’ve never had the chance to use them all these years because, well, I don’t really need something so formal and structured because of the work that I do.

Which brings us to the Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase, a supremely smart formal workhorse that won’t look out of place on any suited man’s lap. Measuring 42 cm by 32 cm by 12 cm, it’s a really decent size for all manner of A4 folders and tech gadgets. Made in Italy, using full-grained calfskin that’s also reminds one of Saffiano leather, it being grained also means it will be more hardy than smooth-skinned leathers and more resistant to most nicks and bumps.

Priced at just SGD2300, which really, isn’t that bad for a work bag that will probably be used on all work days of the month since men don’t usually like changing up their bags as often as say, the ladies, you’ll find it it Black, Cognac (shown above), and Flannel (a really lovely hue of grey) at Montblanc boutiques islandwide.

Plus it doesn’t scream ‘old’ or ‘fuddy-duddy’ either, just smart and sophisticated, which can only be a good thing.

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Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Gold Watch Collection

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montblanc_meisterstuck-heritage-gold-watch-collection1As far as men’s timepieces go, a little gold never hurt anyone, and with the newMeisterstück Heritage Gold Watch collection that I spotted recently in Hong Kong’sWatches & Wonders, there’s no better time than now to embrace your inner leprechaun.

Created in celebration with the Meisterstück‘s 90th anniversary, there are 3 differently-styled timepieces in this capsule collection, all featuring 18K red gold, namely red gold with a white/silver face, red gold with a white/silver face that’s also festooned with 88 diamonds around the dial, and my personal favourite (shown above), the red gold with a chocolate brown dial that’s both very distinguished and elegant all at once.

montblanc_meisterstuck-heritage-gold-watch-collection2All automatics with a simple date function and your straightforward hour, minute and second hands, it’s the overall simplicity that ultimately appeals to me, a classically-styled timepiece with an added dash of bling that ‘flashes’ you when it peeks out from under your cuffed sleeve. Priced around the SGD10,000 range, you could first put yourself on the wait list at Montblanc boutiques (it hasn’t arrived for the local market as yet) or wait till I do another update when it does.

And because this timepiece is also unisex (the dial measures some 39 mm across), this is also the watch you ladies can buy for your man and nick for yourself when he’s not looking. But if this is too simple for you (and you’re the type who likes their timepieces with all the bells and whistles), behold the Metamorphosis II, the top-tier timepiece from Montblanc so intricately elaborate with 746 mechanical movement components that it should have its own role in the next Transformer movie. Really.

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Montblanc Metamorphosis II

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montblanc_metamorphosis-ii2If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m currently in Hong Kong for Watches & Wonders, an annual exhibition into its second year, made up of 13 horological houses showing their best and the brightest. And while I haven’t exactly checked out all 13 pavilions yet, the timepieces I’ve seen so far from the likes of Cartier, IWC and Van Cleef & Arpels are actually truly wonderful.

And then there’s the star timepiece from Montblanc, the Metamorphosis II that’s all kinds of amazing. Crafted entirely by hand and made up of over 746 mechanical movement components (just look below for a condensed cross section), the easiest way to describe this beauty is this. It’s a watch with two faces. It is first a classical timepiece, with the face showing hours, minutes and dates. ‘Open’ it and it reveals a chronograph face with all new functions, with the kicker being how it ‘transforms’ from one face to another with just the aid of a slide on the left side of the face.


montblanc_metamorphosis-ii1It is also the kind of watch I personally adore, given that it ticks all my boxes as far a timepiece is concerned. Copious amounts of gold? Check. A wide enough face that measures 52 mm because I’m not big on tiny watches? Check. Also, it’s thick, chunky and finished off with a luxurious leather strap? Check, check, check. But the most appealing feature besides its obvious good looks and the way it functions has got to be the fact that there are only 18 made, a true limited edition that’s also a tribute to Montblanc’s watchmaking heritage that spans 150 years.

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